Blogger, Say Whaaat?!


Quick PSA: As I begin to write my first post I’m telling myself that I can’t go back and edit (besides spellcheck), reread, or rewrite it thousands of times until I feel that it’s ‘good enough’ to post. Being a perfectionist, especially when it comes to writing, not going back and editing is SO much easier said than done…but I want this blog to be a place where I can share my ideas, thoughts, discoveries, inspirations, and adventures without worrying about whether or not what I’m saying in ‘good enough.

Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed. It has been a way for me to escape reality, while giving me a voice. With that being said, I’ve always liked the idea of starting a blog, but I’ve been so back and forth about actually doing it for the longest time. Up until now I have let life and the fear of what others might think get in the way, but thanks to a little encouragement and kind words from my sweet, sweet friends and family, here I am.

I’m starting this blog with hopes that it will enrich my life–encouraging me to live in the sunshine. To get outside of my comfort zone by trying new things, going new places, and hopefully meeting new people, all while teaching me more about myself and who I am along the way. I intend for it to be a documentation of the different realms of who I am and the things I am most passionate about. I am hoping that while documenting these things I inspire others to be creative and explore their surroundings and beyond–to me this is what life is really about.

With all of this being said….here goes nothing!!

xx Madi


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