3 Ways to be Happier This Summer + Summer Mood Board


A few weeks ago I went scrolling through my Pinterest and picked out some of my favorite pictures that reminded me of and got me excited for summer (not that I wasn’t already excited).

This summer I’m looking forward to a trip to Arizona, and a trip to Chicago, trips to the farmer’s market, barbecues, warm and sunny weather, and baseball games!

Do you have anything fun planned this summer?

Final exams are over and final grades are in, which means SUMMER! Although I am taking two online classes and working (almost) full time, summer means happiness, friends, pools + lakes, traveling, and memory making. It’s my last summer before entering the real world, so I’m determined to make this the best one yet. Here are three things that I have decided to focus on this summer (and you should consider as well)!


I’m taking way less credits this summer than I do during the school school, but I will still be pretty busy because I’ll be working close to full time. When I get busy I find myself saying “no” to a lot of invites, friend invites, and adventurous opportunities. So this summer I’m going to focus on saying “yes” to more things!


Summer is a great opportunity to road trip to your friend’s house, or bring your co-worker an iced coffee in the morning. Little things often mean more than people know. I dare you to compliment someone. Whenever I am complimented I guarantee I remember it and think about it the entire day (and I bet you do the same). Brighten up summer for someone else!


Take pictures. Keep a journal. When gloomy fall comes around you will have lots of memories to remind you of the bright, summer days!


xx, Madi





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