Sharing My Spotify Secrets (+ Summer Playlist)

Is it just me or does it seem like all the best music comes out during the summer time? I’m currently at a local coffee shop getting some work done while listening to my Spotify playlists. I decided wanted to share my current Summer playlist that I’ve been adding to the past few months as well as how I find my music. Here’s the playlist that’s filled with the perfect summer sound!



One of my favorite things about Spotify is how easy it is to discover new music and artists. From long drives to walking to class, I am always playing music and I tend to get bored playing the same stuff over and over. Here’s my “secrets” on how I use Spotify to it’s fullest potential!

1. Check out your personalized playlists. Every Monday Spotify updates your Discover Weekly playlist, and every Friday it updates your Release Radar playlists. These are the two playlists I like to put on when I’m stuck in rush hour traffic going to/from work. I also put these playlists on when I just want to hear something new. Some weeks my Discover is WAY better than others–like last week I saved almost half of the songs–and other weeks it kind of sucks (for lack of better words). It really just depends, but I totally rely on these to find my new favorites.

2. New music Friday. One of my favorite playlists on Spotify is the New Music Friday playlist. As you might of guessed, Spotify updates this every Friday morning with the week’s newest releases. I never actually listen to this playlist all the way through, but every Friday morning I scroll through it, click on songs I think I’ll like (based on the artist), listen to different parts of it, and then I’ll decide if I want to save it to one of my playlists or not. I never listen to the playlist all the way through because 1. it’s really long and 2. they add songs from a number of different genres, so I just try to find the songs from the genres that I like and listen to!

3. Follow people. I like being able to see what other people are listening to, but this is also how I find new music. If I see something that intrigues me that one of my friends is listening to, I’ll check it out.

4. One big playlist. If you have ever looked at my Spotify profile or playlists, you have probably seen my “more” playlist. This playlist has literally just about everything–my absolute favorite songs and songs that I just came across and liked. I also don’t delete songs from this playlist, like I do with my other ones, so sometimes when my discover isn’t the greatest and I’m getting sick of my current playlists, I shuffle through this playlist. I know I’ll like them and it’ll bring back songs that I forgot about!

I just might be way too into Spotify and finding new music but hopefully this helps someone expand their music! Comment your Spotify username below and I’ll follow you!

xx, Madi

2 thoughts on “Sharing My Spotify Secrets (+ Summer Playlist)”

  1. Spotify is the premise for literally anything I do, and I do all of this! My personaly playlists are all ordered and collected and I regularly go through them as well to clean them up cos they tend to get cluttered over time! x


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