About Me

Welcome to the little place on the internet where you can live in the sunshine. 

Hi!!! I’m Madi and WELCOME to my blog! I’m twenty-two, and a student at Michigan State University (go green!). I love love love the sunshine, cute coffee shops, music, writing (obviously), my friends, family, and I am happiest when I’m exploring new places and experiencing new things.

I decided to start this blog because I was working insanely hard at school and I was tired. I was tired of putting all my energy into assignments that I wasn’t passionate about, tired of writing essays that didn’t matter, and I was really tired, of doing what everyone around me said I should be doing. I needed to do something that I loved. I needed a place that was completely mine where I could reflect ideas that inspire me. This blog is kind of  going to be all over the place…kind of like me, haha! I am all about living fearlessly and doing things that make your soul happy…so here I am!

Life is an adventure and I can’t wait to take you along with me!

xx Madi