Music Favorites: May 2018

Hey everyone!

So this morning I woke up and realized there’s only a week left in May…June 1st is a week from today..WHAT?! Am I the only one that feels like this year is flying by? Anyway…if you read my Spotify Playlists post you know I basically listen to music 25/7. So since I’m constantly playing music and it’s the end of May I thought I would share some of the songs I’ve been playing on repeat this past month! My music favorites are always changing, but sometimes there’s those few songs that will always have a special place in my heart (and jam sessions)!

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 WINNEBAGO by Gryffin feat. Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson


The sky is blue, the weather is warm, and you’re in the mood for a feel-good jam with just enough reggae influence to fit the summer vibe. Turn on and turn up “Winnebago” by Gryffin feat. Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson. It was released back in April, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since.  Billboard described this song as, “the kind of song you would expect a cartoon character to blast with the windows down on its favorite day off.” In other words, “Winnebago is the perfect feel-good, sun-soaked, summer anthem!

BE SOMEBODY by Over Easy & Lydia Kelly feat. YON


This is a song that makes my favorites lists every time I make one. “Be Somebody” was released back in late February, and I’ve been playing it on repeat ever since. You know those songs that you can listen to only when you’re in the right mood? Well, this is NOT one of those songs. It’s an electronic and pop crossover track that’s perfect to play no matter what mood you’re in or what you’re doing. Walking to class? Turn on “Be Somebody.” Studying or trying to get work done? Play “Be Somebody.” Want to jam out and pretend you’re not tone deaf (like me)? Turn up “Be Somebody.” I’m not kidding, such a good song!

THE REASON by Chelsea Cutler


Chelsea Cutler just released this song last week, and I think I’ve already listened to it a thousand times. If you haven’t listened to this song, or any of Chelsea’s songs, you’re missing out (and you probably live under a rock)…go listen. “The Reason” is an unbelievably catchy indie electronic and pop recording that was written  by Chelsea herself. Her voice is so unique and interesting that it draws you in from the first lyric, and she shows a side of vulnerability that makes her so relatable. Chelsea Cutler is by far my favorite artist–she’s so incredibility talented!

DRIFTER by IZII & Christian French


IZII & Christian French teamed up for “Drifter,” which was also released early last week. The new release is a perfect summertime tune.The two artists explore the wistful and passionate nature of a short lived summer romance through the unique blend of pop and electronic music. Not only is “Drifter” a solid tune to help carry you through the sunny summer days ahead, but it also does a remarkable job at putting you in your feels at the same time. If your looking for a song with summer love vibes, then this song if for you.

ONE MORE DAY by Afrojack X Jewelz & Sparks


With distinctly catchy rhythms, amazing vocals, and a drop that will make listeners swoon, “One More Day,” is another song that is perfect for summer. This will be a song that I will be turning up all summer long–it’s just really fun!

What are some of your favorite songs right now?! Leave them in the comments, and I’ll check them out. I love listening to new music!!

xx, Madi